Nxburst, making your rock and concrete breaking quieter, easier and more economical

If high explosive is too disruptive for your site, you can't wait all day for expanding grout, or if running costs for your machinery are too high, then Nxburst is the product you are looking for.

Nxburst brings the best elements of other rock and concrete breaking techniques together into one product. It is safe, quiet, portable, fast acting, easily transported and environmentally friendly.

Nxburst Cartridges

Nxburst Cartridges.

Nxburst cartridges are electrically fired self contained gas producing devices that break rock or concrete using gas pressure. Each cartridge comes pre-fitted with a static electricity safe igniter and wires for even greater ease of use.

It is easy to use, and though it's not a high explosive, it is loaded in a very similar way.

How Nxburst Works

When a cartridge is fired, its contents rapidly burn producing high gas pressure.

This gas then works into any existing cracks or micro fractures from drilling.

Under the tensile forces (completely unlike high explosive which uses a compressive shockwave) the cracks widen and the work breaks apart. The remaining gases vent and the reaction rate drops right back as the pressure drops. This avoids a blast wave throwing materials about.

This method has many advantages over other products. It is fast, it produces no shockwave, very low ground vibration, little noise, and minimal flyrock. The small amounts of flyrock, usually flying chips, produced can be eliminated with wrapping with conveyor belt or Kevlar mats.

With these advantages Nxburst is the obvious choice over other methods for a variety of jobs. Especially in built up areas, near sensitive structures, loose rock etc.

Have a look at the gallery, and if you have any questions please contact us.

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