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How does it work?

A quieter, easier, quicker, and safer option than many controlled explosive demolition solutions, Nxburst brings the best elements of other rock and concrete breaking techniques together into one product.

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Concrete-Breaking, Without The Explosives

Nxburst cartridges are electrically fired self contained gas producing devices that break rock or concrete using gas pressure. Each cartridge comes pre-fitted with a static electricity safe igniter and wires for even greater ease of use.

It is easy to use, and though it’s not a high explosive, it is loaded in a very similar way.


First we assess the site to determine the safest and most efficient way to proceed.


We drill a hole and insert the cartridge.


We tightly stem the hole and connect the wires.


That's it! We're ready to fire.

How Nxburst Works

Nxco’s cartridges break rock and concrete with low ground vibrations, controllable fly rock, reduced dust and noise and will only require localised clearance of equipment and personnel.

The Nxco cartridge technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound enclosed in a cartridge which reacts quickly when ignited to produce high volumes of gas that mainly consists of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam.

The cartridge is confined in a drill hole by means of stemming and when ignited generates a large volume of gas. This gas enters into the micro fractures created by the percussion drilling process, natural faults and weaknesses of the rock, resulting in the rock splitting due to tensile stresses.

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See Nxburst In Action

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5 Stars

“Nxburst has solved a lot of difficult challenges because of the minimal safety distances required. Because of its high standard of safety we now feel confidant using this product in a range of situations. In particular its light weight and compact nature make it great for working at height with difficult access.”

Lewis Grant

Abseil Access

5 Stars

“Nxburst has been a valuable asset in a range of situations and their support team has always been knowledgeable and quick to reply.”

Andrew Kitson

Rock Control